Sugar in my mayo – say it isn’t so!

“I’m sugar-free!” you say as you dollop sweet chili sauce all over your chicken breast.


Believe it or not, sauces are one of the sneakiest hiding places for sugar. And, to top it off, some of the recommended serving sizes are just 5g per serving – so when you look at the nutritional panel they might not seem too bad… at first.

But in reality, a 5g serving of any sauce is around the size of a 10 cent coin. Seriously?? Who among us would just have a teeny tiny little squeeze of tomato sauce or mayo on anything?? If we’re going to be honest, the average ‘dollop’ of sauce is around 30g, so let’s take a look at how much sugar is actually in your dollop of sauce, shall we? 


How much sugar in sauce

Bear in mind, that the recommended daily limit of sugar is 6–9 teaspoons, so a blob of some of these sauces could nearly max that.

And a word of caution; while sauces like mayo and aioli are low in sugar, they’re packed with polyunsaturated fats which are NOT good for you. I recommend making your own mayo – and if I can do it, you can do it. I’ll post my simple mayo recipe in a few days. But in the meantime, read your labels and be conscientious when blobbing sauce all over your steak. And I use the term blobbing in a very warm, caring, I know what you’re going through, sort of way.

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