Raw Food, Harmful or Healthy?

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2008, I learned about eating Raw from a new friend. She loved how it made her feel so I decided to try it. You’ll find with me, experimenting on new ways of eating healthy – to give me more energy and vitality – I’ll try anything once.

After 1 week of eating Raw, I crashed and burned! I was lethargic and didn’t have the energy to open an envelope let alone get my butt out of bed and go to work. I called my Dr. and told him what I was experiencing. His advice was, if I was committed to giving the Raw Diet a chance, to give it 2 weeks for my body to adapt to this new way of taking in foods and nutrients and see what happens. He reassured me I wouldn’t die. I stuck with it and to my surprise, I had more energy than ever before, my skin glowed and I felt amazing! I could conquer the world while munching on a carrot stick!


But for me, trying to sustain the Raw way of eating was insane. Going out to restaurants and trying to order everything uncooked – the wait staff would look at me as if I’d lost my mind. The prep work at home of constant peeling, chopping, juicing, storing fresh, raw veggies and praying they didn’t go bad in the fridge was just too much for me.

And, as always, depending on who you talk to, raw is either THE ONLY WAY TO GO – according to David Wolfe (look him up, he’s a blast to listen to) or Dr Weil, MD, and his opinion, (Is The Raw Food Diet Healthy or Harmful) you need to make your own choices on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Have any of you tried the Raw Diet? I’d love to hear your experience – comment below 🙂

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