Ravioli Pillow?

I have to share this story with everyone…it made me laugh out loud.

Both my hubby and I are following a low-carb, healthy fat way of eating and my system is really responding positively. Gary is a carb lover and always has been. He can’t imagine ordering a burger without the bun or not eating pasta 6x’s a week so it’s been more of a challenge for him.

The other day he looks at this pillow, one that we’ve had for a few years and says, “doesn’t that pillow look just like a ravioli?” 😂 Clearly my husband is carb-starved!

So here are some of the suggestions I offered him and wait until you read #5:

1. Steer clear from white starchy carbohydrates including all forms of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains. Yes, all of them… even wheat varieties and healthy grains like quinoa.

2. Pick and choose between a few meals over and over again. This is especially true for breakfast and lunch. Try to make each meal consist of a protein, green leafy vegetables, and beans/legumes.

3. Stop drinking your calories! Cut out all beverages with calories and sugars in them. The only exception is one or two glasses of a dry red wine each night. This made him smile.

4. Try to limit your fruit intake, except avocados and tomatoes. They contain sugar which is an enemy of the slow, low-carb diet.

5. And this is his favorite – mine too: leave one day each week as a full cheat day. This doesn’t mean that you can eat a little off the plan, this means that you should eat literally anything and everything you want. During the week, keep a food log of the foods you are craving and make a point to eat that food on your cheat day. This cheat day not only satisfies your physical cravings but it can also help you mentally stay on track because you know that after 6 days, you can eat what you want.

Now, I’m going to go hide the pillow before my husband pours some red sauce on it and eats it. 🤣🤣🤣

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