Touch my coffee and I’ll bite your finger

Today we’re going to talk about coffee. I know this is a very touchy topic but grab a cup of joe and stay with me for a few minutes.

Coffee and the culture surrounding coffee is BIG BUSINESS!! And, if you’re living in an urban setting, or living anywhere on our planet – you can’t walk down the street without seeing every person coveting their cup of coffee in the mornings…afternoons…evenings…I feel like the paper cup with the plastic lid is now a fashion accessory. You’d never walk out the door without your favorite pair of jeans or handbag and now, you wouldn’t be caught dead walking down the street without your glamorous paper cup!

Caffeine and Adrenal Fatigue

Caffeine wakes us up in the morning and gives some of us our reason to live. It helps with the inevitable 3pm crash – and it also curbs our appetites. I’ve known women who have gone on a coffee diet  – they eat NO FOOD all day long, drink coffee all day long and eat a reasonably healthy dinner in the evening just to lose weight. Probably not the healthiest way to go.

But have you ever heard of adrenal fatigue? It’s real. Caffeine unnaturally stimulates the adrenals, increases heart rate and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Your adrenals are attached to your kidneys so if caffeine is effecting your adrenals, it’s also effecting and taxing your kidneys. And, did you know your adrenal glands produce hormones that you can’t live without? Hormones including sex hormones and cortisol, and cortisol helps us respond to every day stress.

But, caffeine and its effect on our systems is very bio-individual. Some people have no problem drinking cup after cup after cup. They’ll even have a shot of espresso after dinner and have no problem falling asleep. Others have one cup of coffee and their heart rate soars, they get shaky hands and talk a mile a minute!

let god have mercy if you touch my coffee

So let’s talk about the good in a cup of coffee. Coffee has certain phytonutrients, it helps stabilize free radicals in the body and helps assimilate Vitamin C. And, more and more research is showing it prevents the growth of tumors.

Want to Break the Habit?

If you’re trying to break the drug in a mug habit (wink, wink), and have more than 1 cup a day, try just one less cup of joe every day for a week. See how you feel after one week and if that works, go down to ½ a cup a day. Slowly allow your body to wean itself off of caffeine. There’s no reason to take a drastic approach and go cold turkey. And, if you’re not feeling like you have adrenal fatigue and feel you have no issues with your morning cup of joe – enjoy! Again, it’s all bio-individual.

Thanks for being here and if you liked this post, let me know, share it with your friends, invite them to join our community on Well Aware by Linda – and comment! I’d love to hear from you on how you feel coffee effects you.

Now, go out and make it a great day, I’m going to go have a cup of coffee.


One Reply to “Touch my coffee and I’ll bite your finger”

  1. I love coffee and I love this post! I’m trying to cut back slightly (but I will never give up the “drug in the mug” haha! Love that!) and your tips will help. Thank you!


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