Dragging my butt, need protein STAT!

I woke up this morning dragging my butt! I’m attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will graduate at the end of 2017 with a Health Coach Certification. And, I am LOVING IT but I studied all weekend. Actually, it was an on-line live event so at least I was in my pajamas all weekend – no complaints here. But, it was 8 hours on Saturday and another 8 hours on Sunday so this morning came way too quickly for me.

As I dragged my butt to the kitchen for breakfast I quickly realized I was out of Almond Butter – WHAT??? And there was no way I was getting dress, driving to the store and buying an over-priced jar of ‘who knows what’s inside’. Time to make homemade! It’s so French toast easy – yes, that’s my way of using the F word.  And better yet, it tastes so much better than store bought!

Want to know how? Don’t worry, it’s only 3 simple steps, a 5 year old can do this.

Go into your pantry and grab your raw, organic almonds, spread them on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, preheat the oven to 350 and bake for 10-12 minutes. Within 8-10 minutes you’ll start to smell this rich, nutty smell and your belly will start to growl.

Take the almonds out and let them cool but not for too long, you’ll want all their natural oils to shine through. Throw them into your Vita Mix or food processor – either one works just as well, and blend on slow to medium. Don’t get frustrated or impatient; this process takes more than 10 minutes or longer. While the Vita Mix is doing its thing, grab yourself a cup of coffee and start imagining how you’ll be bragging to your friends about making this delicious yumminess.

All of a sudden, magic happens and the almonds go from being crushed, powdery almonds to rich, creamy almond butter. Now, this is next step is critical so pay close attention…dip a spoon in and taste it while it’s still warm…OMG!!! It’s Ah-mazing! You can add anything to it you’d like or leave it as is. Sometimes I add cinnamon, sometimes just a dash of sea salt.

This delicious yummy goodness will stay fresh in your refrigerator for a few weeks but trust me, it won’t last that long. Your kids will gobble it up by the spoonful. You’ll catch your husband dipping his finger in like he’s doing something wrong. Ok, that was MY husband 😉

So are you ready to try making homemade almond butter? If you do, post a pick of you in the process, I’d love to hear how it goes!!

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