Be A Good-Deed Doer

Everyone has heard of the power of paying it forward. Just the other day I was checking out at the grocery store with two items in my hand, Kombucha (no surprise there) and a healthy power bar (again…no surprise, were you thinking Fritos??) and the woman in front of me, who had a cart full, let me go in front of her. I said, “thank you, that’s very kind” and she replied, “don’t forget to pay it forward.” Ah…a good-deed doer!!

What I didn’t realize was all the benefits this has on the recipients as well as the good-deed doer.

Here are 7 Scientific Facts about doing good deeds:

  1. Doing good decreases stress
  2. Doing good increases life-expectancy…I especially liked this one!
  3. Doing good makes us feel better
  4. Doing good makes us happier at work and less likely to want to kill someone 😉
  5. Doing good promotes mental health
  6. Doing good leads to happiness and a more positive outlook
  7. Doing good motivates you to doing good again – it’s as addicting as Easter Peeps!

For me, as I went in front of the lady who’s shopping cart was over-flowing, I smiled inside and out for the rest of the day 😁.

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